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SRWS: Arlesdale Tramway 'Vertical Boiler' Engines by Nictrain123 SRWS: Arlesdale Tramway 'Vertical Boiler' Engines by Nictrain123
These engines were built at the de Winton Locomotive Worksshop at Caernafon, Wales for use at the Dinorwic Slate Quarry in 1871. Later, some men who worked at a mineral tramway in Cas-ny-Hawin came to Dinorwic for advice on obtaining steam traction for their railway line, so four of their engines were shipped to Arlesburgh via Porthmadog. They worked well, until a terrible accident shut down their line in 1876. Later, when their line was revived and rebuilt by the Mid-Sodor Railway company, they were used to assist Duke and another ex-Dinorwic locomotive, a Hunslet 'Alice' class engine named Harris. Later on, the vertical boiler engines were beginning to wear down by 1906, and were finally retired from service and scrapped. They were later replaced by Proteus, Falcon and Albert.

No. 1 was said to be rather shy and quiet, he didn't talk to anyone very much, not even his own brothers.

No. 2 was the kinder and wiser of the fleet. He is also the most peaceful of the four, if anyone of his brothers fought or argued, he stayed neutral and tried all he could to get them to make up their quarrels.

No. 3 was rather snooty and arrogant, he always though he was stronger and smarter than his siblings and always insulted them to put them down, especially No. 1. But when most of his schemes failed, it was always either No. 2 or the Owner who knocked him back in his place.

No. 4 is the youngest and the most energetic of the four. He is also very clumsy, not looking very well at where he's going often which leads to accidents. He also likes to tell jokes when he's bored, but the others don't find them very funny. He looks up to his brother No. 2 as a role model and wishes to be like him one day.

The vertical boiler engines are based on engines built by de Winton in the 1870's for work at the Dinorwic Slate Quarry. They were later replaced by Hunslet 'Alice' class locomotives in the 1890's

Their design was based off of Chaloner, a vertical boiler engine built in 1874 now working on the Leighton Buzzard Railway.

The vertical boiler engines's story was told in the SRWS book, "Legendary Engines." They didn't have a speaking role, and were only mentioned. The story of their lives may later be told....


Sprites (C) Zexion/Nictrain123/JohnNolandWorks/SRWS Crew
Original Characters (C) Nictrain123
SRWS (C) Nictrain123/JohnNolandWorks/SRWS Crew

I don't own Thomas (only the sprites). It is owned by the Awdry Family and Mattell.

Since this is my own Original Character (OC), NO ONE, unless my closest friends, can use it!
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