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Sudrian Railway Series: Nicholas by Nictrain123 Sudrian Railway Series: Nicholas by Nictrain123
'I was built in 1916 as a batch of three E2 class locomotives based off a design written by Lawson B. Billington in 1913 with the improvement of extended side tanks for longer runs. During the Brighton Line Electrifacation Plot in 1936, I was sent to the Herne Hill marshalling yard near London Victoria Station to replace the aged ex-London, Chatham & Dover T Class engines. We were also used to replace the Z class shunting engines at Hither Green yard and proved to be a strong, reliable unit for the shunting jobs. When we were all nationalized in 1948, we were reallocated to Southampton to work at the docks. Although I didn't move too much around the dockyards, I did get to see some famous machines like Oliver Cromwell, Squadron and the Royal Mail Ship Queen Mary herself. I was finally worn out by Febuary 1961 and laid to rust away behind the Bricklayers Arms Goods depot. One night there, I remember hearing footsteps from around the old abandoned scrap metal and murmurs from someone sneaking around. I even remember hearing a voice which said, "He will be rescued." I thought nothing of it, since at the time I was so sure I was going to be scrapped so I just forgot about it and went back to sleep. A few days later, I was taken back to Eastleigh Works to finally be dismantled after a long industrious career. But before they could touch me, there was what seemed to be a fight and two men climbed in my cab and put me on full steam and I ran far away from the works towards an old line. I was left there for a while and nearly rusted away until a family who happened to be hiking in the woods nearby. I was looked over by a smartly dressed 37-year old man and he revealed to me that I had been smuggled by scrap dealers who got caught in a car accident and I was left there for over 30 years and the fact I was the last of my kind left in England. He took me to the nearest mainline station where I was taken to the Hilverton Valley Heritage Railway, a newly-formed preservation railway in the Western Region. I was restored and given an extended coal bunker by the gentleman (who just happened to be the HVHR's CME) and was sucessfully tested on a 4-carriage passenger train on June 28th, 1997. When my brother Thomas got depressed about the loss of our family, I was allowed to pay him a visit in 2011 and I have been working there for a while and do not plan to return home until spring 2013.'

Nicholas is very kind and friendly, and is always good and loyal to his friends. If there is trouble stirring around him, he always tries to resolve things and put them back in order. He dosen't really care what sort of work he does, whether it be passengers, freight or shunting, he always does what he does without fuss.

Nicholas is an ex-LB&SCR Class E2 0-6-0 tank engine, built by L.B. Billington for shunting work in 1913. Because of this, he is Thomas' brother, and sadly the last one left.

Nicholas comes to Sodor to visit Thomas in 'Last Tank Engines'. He stays on Sodor until 2013 when he decides to go back home.

He also appears in 'The Hilverton Valley Railway Series,' a book series coming soon. ;)

Sprites (C) Zexion/Nictrain123
Character (C) Nictrain123
Hilverton Valley Heritage Railway (C) Nictrain123

I don't own Thomas (only the sprites). It is owned by the Awdry Family and Mattell.

Since this is my own Original Character (OC), NO ONE, unless my closest friends, can use it!
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Josef-Hatman Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome backstory Nic! :la:
Train48 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Interesting backstory for your trainsona, Nick.
Fajan75 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Cool stuff :iconbestbuddiesplz:
Nictrain123 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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